Norton Hall has a very pro-active approach to the recreational aspect of client care.  We believe that every client should receive some input from our diversional therapy team and be given the opportunity and support to improve the quality of their life.

A range of activities are available in group and one to one settings, including organised games, gardening club, arts and crafts and much more.

Maybe some relaxation in one of our sensory baths with aromatherapy is appealing or a manicure by  our nail technician.

Staff are available to befriend, counsel and support or simply read to those who are less able or bed bound.

Our light sensory equipment can be taken to any room within the Home for a relaxing and comforting experience.

For those who are computer literate we have available a webcam and are registered with Skype to enable clients to see and talk to families near and far.

Regular Activity meetings are held and to discuss activities everyone would like to do and discuss fund-raising events to improve the entertainment available.

Volunteers to help with Activities are always welcome at Norton Hall.

We have our own minibus and aim to involve as many clients, staff and families as possible in the planning of outings,  with day trips to the seaside for fish and chips on the promenade or an organised outing to the local pantomime as special events. Short trips to the local garden centre for afternoon tea and cakes is extremely popular as well as meals at the local Public House.

Our gardener ensures a safe and attractive environment is maintained inside and out of this early 19th Century Manor House.

A Home Forum Meeting is held twice a year, where representatives from all departments meet families and interested parties to discuss the quality of our S ervices and how we are able to nurture them to your requirements and needs.

The Norton News is published monthly and is popular with past and present contacts.