Here at Norton we believe in changing the words around a bit – while we are a Nursing Care Home, we think these words are in the wrong order. Firstly we are a home and secondly the people who live with us also happen to need care to help them continue to live a full life, and thirdly they need nursing assistance with their medical needs.

The purpose of this is to remind us that when someone comes to stay with us this is their home, and we need to make it as homely as possible and a safe, sociable and comfortable place to live. We put a strong emphasis on social activity and keeping in touch with families and the community.

We encourage open visiting, family meals, and parties, and visits to and from the local community. We have a full programme of social activities in and outside the home, and have a dedicated activity coordinator to make sure all this happens. As a smaller home we try to be more of a community than a hotel and encourage our families to give us regular feedback through family meetings, surveys an open office and direct contact with the owners through phone and email.